The HVAC Industry is evolving. Shouldn't you be too ?

iACS are the only Systems Integrator specialized in Building Control

Solutions for AHU Applications and backed with 30+ years experience.

We know Air Handling Control.

So if you've come to us looking for an AHU Controls Package, you've come to the right place..

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Reliable AHU Controls that actually work..

Are you worried about the headaches that can be caused by control systems or maybe you prefer passing off the responsibility to the BMS company?

We know exactly how you feel and have a team with experience from AHU Manufacturers and Controls companies alike - that's what makes it possible for us to create solutions which solve problems and minimise issues on site without the need for countless commissioning call outs and support calls..   

Keeping you ahead of the game

The HVAC Industry is advancing at a rapid rate when it comes to controls and many companies are being left behind.

We strive to keep up to date with the latest in controls technology with an in-house R&D team constantly looking at ways we can improve our offering and introduce this to our customers keeping them at the forefront of the Industry. 

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