Why are AHU Controls Important?

The way an Air Handling Unit is controlled can drastically affect the Energy Efficiency of the unit, the lifespan of components as well as the ability to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment inside the space. 

Our iSmart range of Controls come pre-installed with our Standard AHU Software - the product of 15+ years (and still ongoing!) of R&D. 

The algorithms built into the software automatically ensure a high level of energy efficiency is achieved, components are utilised optimally allowing their full lifespan to be achieved

The     Solution

One Software

We've built a comprehensive AHU software which covers 99% of all Air Handling Unit Controls requirements.

No unexpected charges. No costly software modification fees. 

24/7 Support

We have a Technical Team on hand all day for support queries as well as Video Tutorials and a Support Forum   


Our Controls are pre-configured before leaving our factory. Just wire it up and you're ready to go.

Huge Cost Saving

Our Controls Experts are able to advise on advanced control Protocol such as the Belimo MP-Bus which allows devices to be controlled completely via comms saving in wiring, time and money.

The Components

PLC Controller
Inverter Drives

Sound like what you need?

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