Heat Recovery Unit Controls                     

Heat Recovery units are all about Energy Saving but in the absence of a smart control system, you run the risk of throwing away heaps of energy. 

With the rise in strict energy consumption and heat recovery efficiency regulations, it's vital that businesses like yours implement the latest in controls technology in order to optimize efficiency and safely meet regulations.

The Air³ Solution 

Compact Cleverness 

HRU's come in all sorts of odd shapes and sizes - our Air³ panels are custom designed to fit into tight spaces while retaining a high level of embedded control intelligence 

Strength in Numbers

The Air³ panels simple yet sophisticated design make it perfect for high volume requirements of similar type units. 

Plug 'n' Play

We like to keep things simple. That's why our controls leave the factory pre-configured and ready to go so you don't have to worry about on-site modifications or costly call-outs

Cloud Connectivity

Units fitted up in a ceiling void? No worries!

The Air³ can be remotely accessed and set-points adjusted via the cloud so access is no issue.


With all of the controls requirement for effective Heat Recovery built-in to the software we provide as part of the Air³ package, the work has all been done for you..


Ready to unlock full Heat Recovery potential?

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