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--Stefano Lanzani--

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--Stefano Lanzani--
Stefano Lanzani
On 2/22/18, 4:33 AM
To Change the supply Temperature limits (i.e. the minimum and maximum allowed temperatures on the supply air before the controller will start a capping the outputs of the Heating and cooling) is set in the Service screens:

Press the PRG Button, navigate to Service menu --> Service Settings --> Password "0000" --> Thermoregulation --> Scroll down to Screen Gfc04 (visible on the top left of the screen). Make sure that on the last line of the screen the "Supply Limit" parameter is set to "High/Low". Once this step is confirmed, scroll down to Screen Gfc07 (visible on the top left of the screen). Here you would need to set the Minimum and Maximum allowed temperatures on the supply for both Summer and Winter conditions.

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