On the AHU version 2.0 onward, the Re-heating coil, when set to Compensation, will modulate to achieve the minimum Supply Air temperature limit setpoint defined in Gfc07+ the differential set on the same screen. E.G. If the low supply limit is set to 10DegC and the differential is 10 DegC, in compensation model the reheating will aim to achieve a supply temperature setpoint of 20 (10+10) DegC.

The strategy of this implementation is found on the 1TOOL Sheet:  Heat_Cool_Coil_Humidifier

In the Version 1.x of the FLSTDmAHUE software, the Re-heating coil operation when humidifying will “compensate” the action of the De-hum (if set in compensation or Comp+int) and try and achieve the Temperature setpoint on the Supply Air (as suppose to the regulation probe) set on the screen Gfc28.

This will define the % Opening of the Re-heating coil.