Project Description

BACnet & Modbus Enabled

Differential Pressure Control

Face & Bypass Modulating Control

About the Project

We were assigned the task of controlling  an Air Handling Unit responsible for keeping a storage room for wine and spirits at a constant temperature to preserve the products.

The AHU was equipped with a  cross-flow type  Heat Recovery System  with a face and bypass damper, an electric coil for maintaining the Air On temperature to a constant 12 Deg and a DX system for the main heating and cooling.

Our standard iSmart with built-in Thyristor controller was the perfect solution since its standard functionality allowed for the bypass damper to modulate based on a temperate reading allowing the system to know when conditions were favorable for recovery. Furthermore, the integrated Thyristor Controller allowed close control of the Electric Coil so as to constantly maintain a standard air-on temperate reading. We were also able to have complete control of the DX system via our Panel  which can monitor the alarm state, capacity modulation and changeover.

The fans in the unit were also controlled by the iSmart control panel to keep the airflow constant regardless the state of the filters. The embedded algorithm in the software converts the suction pressure by means of the “K” factor of the fan in order to provide an accurate constant air volume control.

Problem Solved

Following a successful commissioning of the unit, the customer needed a change in the way the activation of the AHU was to be carried out via BACNET comms. Through a simple telephone conversation, we assisted the customer in changing the strategy of activation directly via the HMI without the need of any site attendance or software modification – all thanks to the extremely versatile nature of the iSmart Solution!