St Andrew's Church

BACnet & Modbus Enabled

Confined Space Unit 

Room Temperature Averaging

St Andrew's Church is a Saxon church dating back to the 11th century. 

We were requested to supply a control panel to provide automatic control of the heating system. The panel included a thyristor for control of the electric heater battery, variable speed control for the fan, a time clock and switching functions necessary to control the heating system.

The customer requested for the controls to take an average temperature reading based on the individual readings of 4 temperature sensors in the space. This was no problem since the functionality for this was already built-in to our standard software so we simply enabled the setting on the controls before leaving our factory. 

On top of this, our controls allowed for a 'Fabric Protection Mode' whereby the system would operate at a minimum fan speed with low level heating to raise the temperature within the trench to 15°C during shut down periods when temperature would fall below 10