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    Unfortunately the EVD400 is a completely phased out product and this has been replaced by the EVD Evolution drivers. This is not purchasable any more.

    You can still purchase the EVD400 USB converter that is a required tool to program the pLAN address on the driver so it can communicate to the controller. This is the CVSTDUTTL0 and can be used along side the configuration software for the EVD400.

    Unfortunately if you are stuck and need to upgrade to the EVD Evolution Driver, you will need to:

    1) Disable in the PCO controller software the pLAN Management of the Driver as from the moment you will disconnect the old EVD400 you will get an offline alarm and the circuit will be disabled from running.

    NOTE: You will most surely need the password from the manufacturer of the Chiller/Unit to access the parameters in manufacturing menu that will disable the driver.

    2) Install the EVD Evolution driver in the panel and reconnect the Suction temperature and Suction pressure to the new module and configure this to work as a stand-alone.

    3) Connect the ID1 digital input of the new driver to the Auxiliary contact of the compressor contactor which will enable the driver to run.

    Hope this provides enough and clear information.

    Do not hesitate to post me a reply should you require further assistance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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