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    The EVD200 has been phased out and fully replaced by the EVD Evolution drivers which include all the functionalities of the EVD200 and more.

    The EVD0000200 is connected to the PCO controller of the Unit  via pLAN network as the controller manages the communication with the driver as a master. Removing the EVD 200 from the network you are likely to generate on the PCO controller an “Offline Alarm” which will shut down the unit. The first thing to do is to disable the Driver from the configuration screens in the Chiller software. Depending on the make and model of the unit and the type of software that runs on the PCO (could be a custom made software or a standard Carel software) the configuration screens could be found in the “Manufacturing level” menu. Make sure you are provided from the Manufacturer of the unit with the password to access this menu level.

    The replacement model for the EVD0000200 is the EVD0000E20 Evolution Driver. This driver can be connected in stand alone. No need for pLAN connection to the PCO controller.

    The same suction temperature sensor and suction pressure transducer previously connected to the EVD200 can also be connected to the EVD Evolution driver EVD0000E20. You would need to connect the auxiliary contact of the Compressor contactor (or a CT) to the remote enable digital input of the driver to enable the PID regulation when the compressor is activated.

    Don’t forget that the EVD0000E20 required the LCD display (EVDIS00EN0) to set up the configuration. Once configured, the display can also be removed and stored away from the unit.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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