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    In the Carel Standard AHUE software, you have the possibility to control the inverter via MODBUS directly from the PCO controller if it is fitted with a PCO100FD10 Modbus Master serial card. You will need to wire the inverter to the PCO100FD10 MODBUS Field card of the controller as per instruction on the DOC file downloadable HERE. You will also have to configure the inverter parameters as indicated in the same DOC file (the motor parameters will have to be configured accordingly).

    You will have to enable in the AHU program in the manufacturer section (Mask Ha03) the fans type  set to “Inverters” and then configure the MODBUS Master on mask Ha25.

    ATTENTION: Please make sure that the inverters are powered up at all times. If the power fails to the inverters the Carel controller will give an offline alarm on it’s display.

    Further information on the modbus communication between the Inverters and Carel controller are also found in the User Manual of the AHUE software downloadable here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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