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    1. On first start up of the PCO controller, you must start the PCOWEB in default mode. This is very easy to do. You will find a little black button next to the Ethernet connecter. While powering up the controller you have to press the black button, keep it pressed until the little green light turns red and starts to flash slowly, on the second red flash release the button, it will now flash red a third time, after the third red light has flashed it should turn green again. This will now start the PCOWEB into default mode. 
    2. Next you have to configure the local network address.
    3. First go to “start” on your Windows bottom-left corner.
    4.  Open “control panel”.
    5. Open “Network and internet”.
    6. Open “Network and sharing centre”.
    7. Double Click on “connections”; next click on ” Properties”.
    8. Now double click on “option’s”, select “Internet Protocol Version 4” (TCP/IPv4). By following these  steps it allows you to set the following  IP address:, Subnet mask: for your PC, which needs to be in the same range of the PCOWEB default IP address.
    9. Disabling the “PROXY”.

    10.  Double click “Internet options”.

    11.  Open the Windows “Control panel”.

    12.  Click “Connections”.

    13.  Click “LAN settings”.

    14.  Note down the settings.

    15.  Disable the proxy server.

    16.  Close the windows using the OK button

    17.  By following these procedures it tells your PC not to use the network device called the “proxy” for communication: in fact, the PC is not connected to the network and if the “proxy” is not disabled communication would not be possible.

    18.  Open the Internet explorer and in the “address bar” type in the following code and what this does it brings you to the PCOWEB Admin default page.

    19.  When you first accesses this page you will be asked to sign in. The default signing in name is: “admin” and the password is: “fadmin”.

    20.   After signing in, you will be able to modify the default IP address and Subnet Mask of the PCOWEB into the one which you require. In the PCOWEB home page (after you logged in) you will also find a dashboard where you can read the values from your PCO controller.

    21.  Next, install the  BACSET software (found enclosed).

    22.   When running the BACSET software, a message will appear on the screen: “BACnet MAC layer type”. Choose which option is relevant to you.

    23.  After choosing your option, it will bring up the main BACSET screen. What I have found on first start up, is an error appears with the following message: “The IP address and/or Subnet for BACnet/IP have not yet been configured or are invalid. Please select the appropriate network adapter from the configuration dialog and restart BACLIB!”

    24.  Don’t panic. Open the  “BACLIB.INI” file found in the C:/windows/ folder of your PC.

    25.  The “BACLIB.INI” will be found here. (you can find a copy enclosed).

    26.  After locating the “BACLIB.INI”, you must first drag the file onto your desktop to edit it.

    27.  Open the “BACKLIB.INI” on your Desktop. You will find the BACnet IPaddress and the BACnet IP subnet. This must be the same addresses as you have assigned in the local network IP address and SUBNET mask on the windows network settings.

    28.  After assigning the correct address you must first save your alteration.

    29.  The next step is to drag the “BACLIB.INI” back from your desktop to the windows folder on your C drive.

    30.  Open the BACSET program again, select the relevant “BACnet MAC layer” option. Now you will find yourself in the main BACSET screen. Click on READ button on the top left hand side and now you should be able to start communicating with the “PCOWEB” using “BACNET Protocol” and start reading the same values of the PCO controller.

    This is a very basic insight in setting up a “PCOWEB” on a “BACNET PROTOCOL”.

    Please find the PCOWEB manual for a more in-depth step-by-step guide.

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