Home Forums Technical Support I am getting a I/O Board 01 Fault on a Carel PCO controller. What does this mean and how do I fix it?

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    This ERROR appears when the board (the main controller) is corrupted. It could be down to the software no longer running on the controller and it being corrupted .. I would not exclude that the corruption could have been caused by a hardware failure…

    Your options are:

    1) Restart the controller and hope for a good start-up and operation

    2) If you still get the error, I would try and restore the original software on the controller (if you have this from the manufacturer)… If this works it excludes the possibility of a hardware failure. It happened to me other times that re-establishing the original software in the controller it cleared the fault…

    3) If the above doesn’t work I’m afraid you have no other option but replacing the controller.

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