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    Unfortunately, PCOB, PCOC Macroplus and a few other controllers manufactred by Carel in the past decade, have been phased out and are no longer in production. Carel has launched a number of Programmable controllers through the recent years (PCO2, PCO3 and now the PCO5 range) that have been used by the Chiller and Heat Pump manufacturers in replacement of the old models.

    The replacement may not be straight forward in some cases… there are many considerations to be made before confirming the compatibility of the new replacement technology. Some of these considerations are:

    1. Find a suitable standard software capable of managing the Unit to be retrofitted.
    2. Evaluation if new sensors and/or transducers may be required
    3. Evaluation if other controls options may also need replacement such as User Interface, tranformers etc.
    4. Wirings modifications in the electrical panel applied to the new controller.

    The first thing to do, is to identify exactly the configuration of the unit (e.g. Type of unit, number of circuits, compressor types, condensation typology etc, inputs and outputs of the existing controller…). With these information it will be easier to identify a new possible standard software suitable for the unit. Once this assesment is done, it is only a matter of refine the new list of components needed for the replacement (including the controller model).

    You can view all the available Carel Standard software application HERE

    Should you need help or desire to receive a quote for the replacement and retrofit the existing PCOB, PCOC or Macroplus controller, do not hesitate contacting us. We will be happy to provide you with support, advice and a quotation.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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